Studios v2.0

In January of 2012 I began creating a new version of the Studios application using a single-page application model. This new version uses a Javascript+HTML user interface on top of a number of Python-based web services. The web services are written on top of the flask application framework. Data is stored in a relational database using SQLAlchemy.

As with version 1.0 simple forms were provided to enter information:

student form

and a calendar was available to track private lessons and other school events:


However, because data was sent using AJAX to/from a set of web services, and all navigation occurred locally, the new application is must more responsive.

The new application also provides some improvements over the first version:

  • To make user management easier, and improve security, studios 2.0 uses OpenID for user login, with support for Google and Yahoo OpenID servers. School owners can configure access using standard email addresses
  • Images are uploaded and processed on the server using the python image library
  • A backup archive can be downloaded in zip format containing a JSON version of the data and all of the processed images
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