TIBCO FTL Realm Server GUI

I am the lead architect and primary developer on the realm server GUI, currently in version 3.0. TIBCO FTL is a low latency messaging system. FTL relies on a server called the Realm Server to manage configurations.

As of 2.0 the realm server uses a web-based graphical user interface for the users to edit the configuration and initiate a deployment.

Deployment Page

The GUI is built using HTML and Javascript, with jQuery and underscore.js. I have also used Raphael.js, a Javascript SVG wrapper, to create several diagrams and graphs to help the user visualize network connections and deployment status. The GUI is a single page application built with a set of modules loaded via AJAX. All communication with the server is data-centric once the initial GUI code is loaded into the browser.

Deployment Page

In 3.0 I re-worked the GUI using a customized version of Twitter Bootstrap, making it more responsive and to support tablets.

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