In July 2013 I started on the FogBugz team at Fog Creek Software. My main focus on the team was implementing new features and replicating features from our old code base into the new one. Some of the key areas I contributed to are:

  • Case event editing - which allows you to edit events in a case, see the history of those edits and even diff the history
  • Release notes - associating release notes with cases
  • Quick case entry - adding cases on the list page with a simple type-enter interface
  • Kiln integration - integrating Kiln with the new fogbugz GUI

as well as others. My biggest task, and the one I am the most proud of is redesign of the code that creates the list of events for each case. This new code allows you to see events from "duplicate" cases in line, merge in Kiln events, merge Kiln events from duplicate cases, filter on the type of events from "duplicates" and also elides the results so that you can limit the events you see by default.

I wrote a bit about this last feature in a blog post on the FogCreek site.

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