Flexercise - Hypertext Exercises

While working at NEXT one of the other developer trainers motivated the creation of hypertext course materials. The NEXTSTEP text framework allowed the use of hyperlinks, so this concept was a logical outcome of the libraries capabilities. After some discussions, I took this idea further and created a concept called a flexercise.

Flexercises are a hypertext exercise format. A flexercise uses links to provide additional information to a student as they need it, without forcing an advanced student to read every step in an assignment. Flexerciser is an application I wrote to display these exercises to the user in a safe manner.

Flexercises were designed at the same time the web was being born, making them an interesting footnote in hypertext history.

Users of Flexercises can:

  • Open exercises
  • Obtain extra information about each step in an exercise up to 4 levels deep
  • Print pages

Users of Flexercises can not:

  • Edit the exercises
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